Chemistry, Biology and Physics Specialists


Science Tutor Network is the sister company of Math Tutor Network. With the same philosophy in mind as Math Tutor Network, we strive to recruit specialized chemistry, biology and physics tutors. By doing so, clients can worry free about hiring a general tutor who may not be able to help with the specifics for their child. Our team include teaching assistants from post-secondary institutions, BC-certified teachers, and personnels with a wealth of teaching experience.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the greatest value for our clients. This is why we do not spend a lot of money on advertisement, such as ads on a bus or newspaper. Instead, we spend our effort and time into recruiting highly qualified tutors. By cutting costs, particularly on marketing, we are able to offer clients competitive rates and provide top tutoring services as they would receive from other more costly tutoring service providers.

Specialized Science Tutors

All of our tutors specializes in teaching science k-10, chemistry, biology or physics. We want to ensure that our tutors are highly knowledgeable in the field and are able to offer expert advices and tips to students. Of course, some of our tutors teaches more than one subject. For example, it is very common for clients to request either one tutor who teaches both chemistry and physics or two separate ones. We will provide what is most suitable for your child.

Proudly Canadian Proudly Canadian

All tutors attended high school in Canada and teach using the Canadian Science curriculum. We want to make sure that tutors use the same terms and methodology as what is used in students' class in school. That way, students would be able to understand much easier from the tutor.

About the Founder

Science Tutor Network is started by Henry Chow, the founder of Math Tutor Network. Henry is a former teaching assistant at UBC and senior tutor at a reputable learning academy. Henry has over 10 years of private and group tutoring experience.

With the tremendous success of Math Tutor Network and the growing demand of science tutoring, Henry decided to create Science Tutor Network. With guidance from a BC-certified science high school teacher, Henry is able to recruit qualified chemistry, biology and physics tutors.

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