Meet with tutors virtually through live video chat, screen sharing, and a collaborative whiteboard.


Science Tutor Network has created a new web-based online tutoring platform, TutoringClassroom, to address the growing demands in online tutoring. TutoringClassroom consolidates online tutoring tools from leading software vendors to provide a seamless virtual learning experience for students. Students will not be required to install any apps and can directly connect with tutors on TutoringClassroom's platform.

Privacy Tutoring Option

We understand that privacy is a concern in virtual tutoring. Therefore, our Privacy Tutoring Option allows students to connect with tutors through a secure platform such as Skype or Google Meet, and use a non-recorded whiteboard for tutors and students to go through reading and writing exercises together. Students are welcome to turn off their camera and use only audio capability to ensure privacy. With screen sharing capability along with a shared writing pad, students are equipped with learning tools while maintaining privacy tutoring at home.

Comprehensive Tutoring Option

Enjoy all the powerful features offered in TutoringClassroom. The Comprehensive Tutoring Option uses Bramble to provide students with features like recorded sessions, PDF notes export, and quick ways to upload a snapshot or screenshot.

Students are also welcome to use their favourite video conferencing apps such as Skype, Zoom or Google Meet for screen sharing capabilities. Along with TutoringClassroom's integrated features, students have all the learning tools for an enriched learning experience.

Tutor Matching

Your child will be matched with a tutor in your vicinity. Our goal is to ensure that students who prefer to meet with their tutor in person in the future can do so when deemed safe by health authorities.

Lesson Scheduling

Scheduling is much more flexible with online tutoring. We do recommend a routine schedule for the best learning experience. Tell us about your preferences and we will be happy to match your child with a tutor suitable for your child's learning needs.


Please fill out the lesson inquiry form. A staff member will contact you within 24 hours.

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