Periodically, we ask our clients to evaluate our services and the tutors' performance. The following are some feedback from our clients.

Quotes from our Clients

"I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the job Kwan did tutoring Jamie in physics. With Kwan's help, Jamie improved his grade to a B from a C+, which is impressive considering Kwan only tutored him for a month."

-- Jim C., Physics 12 parent

"Angus like Vivian very much. WE thank her for helping us at relatively short notice. My friend Caroline, whose son Patrick also works with Vivian, is also very pleased."

-- Jane D., Chemistry 11 parent

"We are very satisfied with Jamie and her skill set. Our only feedback is we wish we had found your service sooner and will recommend you to our friends. "

-- Corrine L., Science 6 parent

"Both Andy and Alvin have been a good match for Alina. The lessons have gone very well, she does fine it very helpful have so extra guidance before a test."

-- Amy C., Math and Science 9 parent